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Welcome to the Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, LLP

How well do you know about the foods you are putting into your body? Do you completely understand how food affects your health? There are many foods that are affecting your body in negative ways that you may not hear about on the television or in the newspapers. The root of many medical conditions may start with what you have on your plate; and without changing what you are putting into your body, the outcome might not look appetizing.

Understanding neurological disorders has been the driving force behind the research of the Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition and Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D. Here, there is valuable information concerning these devastating diseases as well as valuable information on yeast free diets, the truth being cottonseed in your food and much more.

If you know someone who has Alzheimer’s, you know how devastating this disease can be. The question of “What causes Alzheimer’s” has been the topic of research for Dr. Semon and may have been a question that has been plaguing you. What can you do to prevent this terrible disease? How are you going to get the knowledge you need to prevent this in your life and your families.

Nutrition Institute has plenty of articles that answer, “What causes Alzheimer’s?” “What is a candida diet?” “How can a yeast free diet help me?” as well as valuable information on ADHD, Tourette’s, Autism, Cancer and more.

If you are looking for a refreshing and honest look on medical conditions that begin with the food you eat. Check out everything Nutrition Institute has to offer.

Passover–the Original Feast Without Yeast

Passover is the original “Feast Without Yeast,” and the inspiration for our journey.  Passover starts the night of April 3, 2015.  You can find many wonderful recipes in our books, Feast Without Yeast and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen.  We have a sample menu and some recipes posted on this website under “Recipes.”  Enjoy!  You can read about our journey under “Reversing Autism: The Story Behind Feast Without Yeast.”  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

The winter season is upon us, with wonderful holidays. Check out our recipe for gluten-free Channukah Potato Latkes, and our Holiday Cookies that are whole wheat and made without any sugar.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers and your families!  We have our famous Pumpkin Pie recipe posted on our website for your dining pleasure, as well as one of our several Cranberry Sauce recipe.  Both are completely yeast free, dairy free and gluten free.  We have several other yummy Thanksgiving recipes in Feast Without Yeast and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen, including roast turkey, rice stuffing and Thanksgiving Friday soup.  All of our books are available on Kindle, as well as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

Finding the Best Treatment for Symptoms of Candida

By Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D.

You have read the books and the internet and found that you may be suffering from Candida overgrowth. Now you are looking for a reasonable and effective Candida overgrowth treatment. You may go to your primary care doctor, who may not recognize that he or she can treat yeast overgrowth. What do you do now?

The first thing you do is to find the best yeast free diet. I explain elsewhere that the best yeast free diet is my Feast Without Yeast diet, outlined in the book of the same name, which can be found here. You can start on that diet even while looking for a medical professional to help you. But you do need help, because diet alone is often not sufficient.

You need someone who can help you assess the different treatments that are unique to your situation. For some people, this may involve taking the anti-yeast medication Nystatin. For others, this may involve eliminating other foods or supplements from their diet. For others, a combination of approaches will be helpful, including homeopathy.

I am a board certified psychiatrist and I have a Ph.D. in nutrition. I also am a homeopathic physician. Not many people have these credentials. I have more than 20 years of experience effectively doing Candida overgrowth treatment.

I answer every call personally. I am sympathetic to the people who call me asking for advice, but do not wish to make the trip to Wisconsin. However, unfortunately, I can’t treat people over the phone. They often end up going to other practitioners who charge them for thousands of dollars’ worth of allergy testing and sell them supplements, not curing the yeast overgrowth, when much of that is unnecessary. Unfortunately, there is no list of doctors who do what I do.

Here is what I don’t do:

  1. I don’t do allergy testing. Why? Allergy testing is unnecessary. Yeast overgrowth predisposes people to allergies, so the allergies show up as whatever you eat. A Candida diet plan will also treat the allergies. This alone saves the patient hundreds of dollars.
  2. I don’t prescribe supplements. That means I make no money off of supplements and nutraceuticals. These only feed the yeast and make things worse. This also saves the patient hundreds of dollars.
  3. I don’t prescribe testing for heavy metal toxicity or parasites unless the patient has specific symptoms of either of these. Studies have shown that treatment for heavy metal toxicity (chelation) can cause yeast overgrowth. These treatments are extraordinarily expensive.

So what do I do? I examine people’s symptoms and I take a very careful history, which is the major part of any medical examination. If a lab test absolutely is indicated, I order the organic acid test from the Great Plains Laboratory. I then treat every patient as an individual. Seeing a patient in person gives me the depth of understanding of the patient’s problems. After the patient stabilizes, they often can come back only once a year or so.

Please call me to make an appointment. I try to get serious cases in as soon as possible, and I do not  create an artificial waiting list. Call me at 1-877-332-7899 for an appointment.

The Best Yeast-Free Diet

Posted by Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D.

The best yeast free diet or Candida diet is a diet that excludes what the yeast Candida albicans needs and uses to grow. While that may sound simple, you will find many choices and unfortunately much disagreement on this. Common-–but wrong–recommendations for Candida diets is to eat a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, excluding baking yeast. Going gluten free is also popular now. Are these diets the best yeast free diets? Do these diets exclude what yeast like best? The answer is no. The best yeast free diet is the Feast Without Yeast  diet.   The old recommendations date back to the first doctor who wrote about Candida diets, Dr. Orian Truss.  He was a pioneer in the field and highly regarded, but his advice is not the most effective yeast free diet.

A high protein, low carbohydrate diet is not the most effective yeast free diet because it includes foods that yeast love to eat. So, when you eat the foods that yeast love, you feed the yeast. You can’t solve the whole yeast problem because the yeast in your gut continue to eat what you eat.   There are three main types of foods you need to eliminate for the best Candida diet. Continue reading The Best Yeast-Free Diet

Concussion Treatment and Recovery!

A teen who suffered several severe football head concussions recovered after I treated him with a few doses of a homeopathic remedy. Here is the case:

I had a 15 year old boy, whom I’ll call Chris, come to see me about nine months after suffering a major concussion while playing high school freshman football the previous August. He had had some previous concussions, including a major concussion and some smaller concussions. The most recent head injury, a major concussion, caused concussion long term effects and post-concussion syndrome. He went from being an A-B student to a mediocre student. He could not play high school basketball. Chris was suffering rage and angry feelings. Chris was also suffering severe anxiety and paranoia and depression, which are all part of post-concussion syndrome and are concussion long term effects. After a few weeks of treatment, he was free of post-concussion syndrome and all of its bad effects. Here’s how: His pediatrician had Continue reading Concussion Treatment and Recovery!

New Article Published! The Missing Link in Understanding Causes of Autism and Schizophrenia, and What You Can Do About It

Why are Autism and Schizophrenia so hard to understand? Are they related?  With years of research, both disorders remain a puzzle.  Dr. Semon has published a new article in the journal, Medical Hypotheses, exploring what could be the missing link in this puzzle (Dietary cyclic dipeptides, apoptosis and psychiatric disorders: A hypothesis; 2014 Jun;82(6):740-3. doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2014.03.016. Epub 2014 Mar 18).

Where did the idea come from?

Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., a board certified psychiatrist, has more than 20 years of experience in treating patients who have autism and who have schizophrenia.  He specializes in treating patients with developmental disabilities.  Dr. Semon has observed for years that what these patients eat affects  their behavior and symptoms.  In particular,  he has found that malt causes major behavior problems in children with autism,  and that when parents remove malt from their children’s diets, autistic children improve significantly.

Dr. Semon made another observation based on his clinical experience.  Treating the intestinal yeast Candida albicans in autistic children greatly improves their behavior.  In fact, treating the yeast in very young children can eliminate their symptoms of autism.

The question he asked is, why?  What could be in malt, and possibly Candida albicans,  that could be causing these problems?  Are they related or is this just a coincidence?   His previous research and answers that malt contains many chemicals that put the brain to sleep, did not seem to answer the entire question.  So he has continued looking.

His striking new finding is that malt contains additional chemicals called “cyclic dipeptides,” which are known to activate the self-destruction of young cells.  Amazingly, the yeast Candida albicans makes these same chemicals.  This turns out to be a key to understanding autism and schizophrenia.

Let us explain. Continue reading New Article Published! The Missing Link in Understanding Causes of Autism and Schizophrenia, and What You Can Do About It