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“So, what have you been eating?”

This website is brought to you by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., a board certified psychiatrist, and his wife, Lori Kornblum, a practicing attorney and developer of cookbooks and recipes. All content is original, including the recipes.  You won’t find this information on anyone else’s websites, unless they “borrow” from us.

This website is mostly about the many possibilities  you have to improve your health through better food and integrative medicine. We have many areas for you to explore:

I, Dr. Bruce Semon, have used anti-yeast therapy to treat many conditions that the medical community considers incurable.  These include problems from  multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, to Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, and ADHD.  

Sometimes patients are diagnosed with something called “Leaky Gut Syndrome.”  This is a group of symptoms that really describes problems that you can solve using my anti-yeast treatment, so keep reading!

I also treat patient using homeopathy. This is a medical system that predates our modern medicine, but can be used to complement it.  Combining homeopathy and our Feast Without Yeast diet is extremely effective for a variety of conditions.

How to Find Information on this Website

To use this website, look under “Health” to find case reports and videos about particular health issues by name (A-D or E-Z).  Look under “Treatments” to find complete descriptions of the best Candida diet (anti-yeast diet), and Homeopathy.  And, look under “Recipes” to find recipes and menus.  We also have blog postings about many issues that we archive.   Much more information is available in our books you see highlighted to the right.

You can also look at our Index to Blog Entries to find even more information.  That’s also on the right.

We respond to every inquiry. If you are wondering if any of these therapies will work for you, please contact us. Please enjoy reading the site.


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Ineffective Candida Treatments – What Should You Do?

Ineffective Candida Treatments – What Should You Do?

Many people ask me to give advice on so-called natural anti-fungal and anti-yeast substances.  I call these ineffective Candida treatments because they don't work.  What are these ineffective Candida treatment?  They are  things like caprylic acid, grapefruit seed...

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This site is available in Spanish.

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Dr. Semon has been treating people using conventional medicine, nutrition and homeopathy for more than twenty years. See how he can help you!

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This site is available in Spanish.

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