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Conquer Food Addiction - Part Two

As described in An Extraordinary Power to Heal, a yeast free diet could be one step toward curbing cravings, increasing energy and losing weight. In our book, you can read about Melissa, an obese patient who had low energy, muscle cramps, yeast infections and other physical and mental maladies associated with the obesity from which she was suffering.

There is a lot more associated with food addiction than just weight gain. The psychological effects can have a tremendous impact on a person’s self-esteem, social behavior, energy level, and confidence. Depression often comes along with obesity and food addiction.

In An Extraordinary Power to Heal we look into the chemicals in foods that affect the brain. Malt, for instance, is a sugar substitute that is in hundreds of common foods and has been found to put the brain to sleep. There are 20 chemicals present in malt that put the brain to sleep. When your brain enters this state, there is an endorphin release, which is thought to be pleasurable.

After years of treating patients,  we have come to find that going on a diet that doesn’t include these malt filled foods can yield tremendous results in patients suffering from a variety of problems ranging from Tourette’s to, you guessed it, food addiction.

By excluding malt-containing foods from your diet, you will be able to battle your food addiction by regaining control of your eating. Without the urge for endorphin release, your urges to eat those sugary, oily, malt containing foods also decrease. Learn more about how we have learned to fight food addiction by eliminating malt from your diet in An Extraordinary Power to Heal!

Combining a new, malt free diet with nystatin, a nontoxic medication, we have found that patients have not only had success with overcoming their food addiction, but have had more energy and suffered less from ailments associated with obesity.

Learn more in the book An Extraordinary Power to Heal!

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