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Cottonseed Poison Research

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 Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition Research Foundation, Inc., is a  non-profit 501(c)(3)  research institute dedicated to expanding scientific knowledge about the impact of cottonseed poisons in our diet.

To further develop his work on the relationship between diet and disease, Dr. Semon has performed initial research on the link between cottonseed toxins and Alzheimer’s disease.    He found in a preliminary study that feeding small amounts of cottonseed to female rats for their lifetimes leads to microscopic evidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain.  These findings are published in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses.

Although these preliminary findings are promising, they must be replicated and extended.   The research activity will be started as soon as sufficient funding is obtained.

No prior research has identified a cause of Alzheimer’s.  This would be the first comprehensive study on a possible dietary cause of Alzheimer’s and would be tremendously important if the results from the preliminary study are replicated.

To learn more about this research foundation, and opportunities to contribute to this research, click here.

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Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D.

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— Dr. Bruce Semon