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You have just gone to the doctor with stomach pain or reflux and come out with a prescription for a drug which will decrease your stomach acid.  The main medications prescribed are Prilosec™ (omeprazole) and Protonix™ (pantoprazole). For a lot of people, these medications are very helpful.

What happens if you try the medications and they don’t work? Or worse, what if your pain gets worse? You can go back and try a different drug, but what if that one does not work either?

Stomach pain can be from more than one cause. The pain and reflux are symptoms, not causes. When you take a drug like Prilosec™, you are trying to get rid of the acid, which is to alleviate your symptoms. However, what if the acid actually is helpful to you to get rid of the cause of your stomach pain?

For people where the cause of the pain is not the acid, but another cause, Prilosec™ and Protonix™ won’t work. That’s because one of the causes of stomach and abdominal pain is the intestinal yeast Candida albicans. Stomach pain is a Candida symptom.  I explain on another page exactly how this yeast works and how people get Candida overgrowth.  Candida makes irritating chemicals which cause pain.

Stomach acid actually is beneficial if you have a Candida overgrowth.  Acid kills yeast, so if you take a drug like Prilosec™ (omeprazole), which stops the stomach acid from forming, you may be giving the yeast more room to grow. Your pain would actually worsen.

So if you don’t get relief from Prilosec™, Protonix™ or related medications, you should think about alternative reasons why you may have reflux and stomach pain. I recommend trying the best yeast free diet, the Feast Without Yeast diet, and my treatment. I have helped many people get better from stomach pain and reflux.

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