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Food Addiction Part One

Addiction is defined as being enslaved to a habit. Whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, or food, there are addictions that are difficult to overcome because of the voraciousness of the cravings. Take cigarettes, for example.  Smokers have urges to smoke despite what better judgment may tell them, that smoking is harmful,  due to the addictive substances in cigarettes.

Food addiction is also a major problem. While  nicotine may not be present in the foods that people eat, sugar, fat, salt – and yes – malt trigger intense cravings. Think about cravings that you may experience. Ice cream? Chocolate? Potato Chips? All of these are common cravings that are associated with food addiction. Notice how you don’t see foods like kale, bananas or other “healthy” foods on that list.

We refer to people who have intense cravings for these foods as “addicts“ because there seems to be a physical dependency on these foods. These urges are hard to control and, despite being fully aware of them, near impossible to conquer. Often times those suffering from food addiction know the consequences of consuming these foods.  They continue to do so – this is because they have no control – which makes them food addicts.

The takeaway is that the addiction isn’t coming from a need for sustenance. It’s not like there is a trigger in the brain that is telling us we need nutrients that is on overdrive. What this is telling us is that the body is craving something other than food itself.

The body is craving a chemical release that is very addictive and is caused by foods containing malt. In the next section, we dig deeper into “what is in our foods” and “what we need to do” to overcome food addiction and fight the battle of the bulge intelligently and effectively. And remember, we’re not just trying to burn away fat, but give you more energy and fight other ailments associated with obesity.

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