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Last week we posted the following:

We have been the unfortunate victims of fraud on  We do not know who is doing it, nor do we know if even monitors the pages that are posted.  For all of our books, people have created false and misleading pages selling what they say are our books.  However, we have no idea whether these books really are the same as our books.  They create dummy ASIN numbers, which are the numbers publishers and booksellers use to identify their books.  The books LOOK like ours, because they have copied our covers, and probably they have made unauthorized copies of the contents.  But they are not ours!

They even go so far as to lie, telling you that ALL of our books are  only available from “third party sellers.”  This is a lie.  You can buy it from through the link to the right.

If you would like to purchase our books–and we hope you do–please use the links from this website.  These links are to the official, authorized editions of the books.  If you purchase from fraudsters and thieves, who knows what you will get?


UPDATE***** responded immediately stating that they would take down the fraudulent pages.  We will check! 


UPDATE ON JUNE 5, 2016-Problem resolved!:

Amazon responded immediately and promised they would take down the fraudulent pages.  They followed through.  We will continue to check to make sure that consumers only purchase the real books.  Thank you, for showing corporate responsibility.