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Alternatives to Copaxone ™ for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

If you have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), or you know someone who does, chances are you or they have been suffering terribly from this illness for several years, with no recovery but some relief. At least temporarily, the medication Copaxone ™ is used for multiple sclerosis treatment and similar medications that are injected seem to help. They at least seem to slow the number of relapses. This is great; however for many patients, the MS comes back and the Copaxone™ injections no longer seem to help. Is there another answer?

Copaxone ™

The way Copaxone™ works is by inactivating certain immune cells which seem to be at least some of the ones destroying brain cells, which is what causes MS. However, the body needs immune cells, so there are many side effects to Copaxone™.  Also Copaxone™ seems not to work forever.

Why are these immune cells attacking the brain anyway? Shouldn’t there be some controls on this so this does not happen?

There are other ways to view multiple sclerosis and the immune cells.

Based on my positive clinical experience of using an alternative multiple sclerosis treatment for  patients with MS using anti-Candida treatment, which you can see by clicking here, I started to look at why anti-Candida treatment works. MS is known to be a disease where the body’s own immune cells attack the body’s own brain cells. So why would the body’s own immune cells attack such a vital organ, which results in destroying the body’s ability to function? Medical science does not have the answer to this question.

Take a step back. If the yeast Candida albicans comes into our bodies, our bodies and immune system view it as a foreign invader and attack it. If you look at the structure of the yeast Candida albicans, you will see that Candida looks a lot like our own cells. Candida makes structures called “receptors” that are the same as those found on normal brain cells. Candida receptors literally have the same structure as the receptors on the brain cells. So I hypothesize that as the immune system attacks the yeast, it also attacks anything which looks like the yeast, including brain cells. This is a little oversimplified but the basic concept is correct.

I can say this only because not only is this a theory, but I have treated Multiple Sclerosis patients successfully by using my Feast Without Yeast yeast free diet. This is the best yeast free diet. I also prescribe the non-absorbed anti-yeast medicine nystatin. This is a relatively simple and benign MS treatment that may work for you. You can call me, Dr. Bruce Semon, for more information and treatment.

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