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Overcoming food addiction can be difficult without the right strategy.  We give you the right strategy because we tell you why you are addicted to foods and how to stop the addiction.

Often times people try all sorts of dieting methods because they are trying to conquer their weight problem and not getting to the root of the problem. The problem is the trigger factor that makes you dependent on the foods you crave. Sugary, salty, oily snacks are common foods associated with food addiction because of the malt which they contain.

As you have seen before, malt contains chemicals that release endorphins in the brain, resulting in pleasurable effects. Your brain craves the reward that you get from the endorphin release caused by these foods. It’s easy to become addicted to these foods because the brain gets so much pleasure out of this endorphin release. This is also the cause for the overeating of these foods.

Overcoming food addiction can be very difficult, akin to quitting smoking or giving up alcohol. What makes it so difficult? Food addiction can’t simply be “willed away” because it’s not the taste or the sustenance that a person is addicted to, it’s the chemical release that is caused by the consumption of these foods.

As you can read in An Extraordinary Power to Heal, there are several patients who have had trouble overcoming food addiction. Conquering obesity is difficult when you are treating the symptoms and not the causes. Diet and exercise is essential, but if proper nutrition isn’t being followed, the patient will fall back into old habits.

Treating food addiction starts in the kitchen. In Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen and Feast Without Yeast we offer great suggestions on how to stop your dependence on yeast by giving you great recipes for yeast and malt free foods.

When we see patients looking to overcome their food addiction, we place them on a special yeast and malt free diet and pair that with the nontoxic medication nystatin. Nystatin kills yeast inside the body.

If you are familiar with our site, you know that yeast can grow and multiply inside the body. Despite removing yeast from your diet, living, growing yeast still exist and thrive in your body. With nystatin, that yeast is killed and doesn’t have the opportunity to multiply.

Learn more about overcoming food addiction in An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Dr. Semon!

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