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Recipe of the Week from Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, LLP

Recipes Delicious vegetables for BrisketNew for 2016!  We have started a Recipe of the Week that will be up from Thursday to Thursday, just in time for weekend cooking.  These are just examples of the more than 350 original recipes published in our books,   Feast Without Yeast:4 Stages to Better Health(1999) and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen (2003).

Most of the Recipes of the Week will be new, original, and not published anywhere else.  However, we will continue to publish some of our very popular recipes from our books at holiday times.

Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen is 100% gluten/wheat and casein/milk free as well, and  contains more than 60 menus to help you put our delicious recipes together into simple meals and feasts for company.

You are welcome to download or print out for your personal use any of the recipes in this website. However, please understand that this is not meant to be a substitute for either of our very comprehensive cookbooks. Please do not reprint in any books or republish on any website without first obtaining our permission.

You can e-mail us now for permission at

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