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Stop Food Addiction

Yeast causes Food Addiction! Stop it Now!

This page is based on the clinical experience and research of Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D., a child psychiatrist and doctorate nutritionist.

Have you have ever wondered why sometimes it is so hard to stop eating? Do some foods seem to control you and keep you eating?

If you have wondered about what foods do to you, let me give you a partial answer.


The problem is not lack of willpower, excess carbohyrates or any of the other fads you might hear about. The problem is in the food you eat. All food is not created equal. Some foods affect the mind and brain more than others. Some foods actually contain chemicals which keep you eating. The chemicals cause you to eat … and eat … and eat!

One of the worst foods is malt or barley malt.


Barley malt contains twenty chemicals which put your brain to sleep. Why is that important to people trying to control their eating? Chemicals which put your brain to sleep make it hard for you to concentrate. Such chemicals also cause release of endorphins and endorphin release is thought to be pleasurable. Your brain says I like the endorphins even though you are saying I don’t need to eat so much and I want to lose weight.

Barley malt starts with barley, which is sprouted and then heat killed. During this process, many chemicals form. When these chemicals are consumed, some cause headaches and others put the brain to sleep, releasing endorphins.

Most barley malt is used to feed yeast as it makes beer, but because malt is also sweet, it is sold as a sugar substitute and is baked into nearly everything, from breads and bagels to cookies and cereal. Every time you eat malt, you risk causing endorphin release, which will cause you to want to eat more, even if you do not want to and certainly do not need to. You become addicted to these chemicals and to the foods which contain them.

These chemicals also decrease your ability to concentrate. You are hitting your body with a difficult combination. YOur sleepy brain wants you to eat more to release endorphins, and you cannot concentrate well enough to tell yourself to stop eating.

People who stop eating the chemicals found in malt find it easier to control their eating. Such chemicals are also found foods such as potato chips and chocolate. In the book An Extraordinary Power to Heal, I have written a full chapter on how such foods can make you feel addicted to food.

Here is one of my actual clinical cases:


A woman I saw recently who is in her mid 40’s came in fatigued, with headaches, unable to work and was experiencing joint pains. She already was trying to eat healthy food but did not know about malt. Malt is found even in many “health foods”, where it can be called grain based sweetener. She started the 4 stages diet as described in our cookbook Feast Without Yeast. Not only did her fatigue and headaches improve, but she lost ten pounds and told me that she was in much more control of her eating.

You, too, can overcome food addiction by following our 4 Stages diet.

We have written the cookbooks Feast Without Yeast and Extraordinary Foods for the Everyday Kitchen because it is so hard find prepared foods without malt.

These are things you can do for yourself–to stop your food addiction.

For a much more detailed explanation of food addiction, click here

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