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Candida Symptoms-Testing for Yeast Overgrowth

  You may be experiencing Candida symptoms, and may decide that you want to have a laboratory test to see if you actually have yeast.

The most reliable test for yeast overgrowth is the test developed by Dr. William Shaw at Great Plains Laboratory. This is a urine organic acids test that measures some yeast metabolites.

The test is described in the book, Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, by Dr. William Shaw.

The benefit of using this test is that is may confirm a yeast overgrowth or detect other metabolic problems. The disadvantage is that the test may not detect a yeast overgrowth because the test can only measure some of the metabolites of yeast, but not all of them. It is called a “false negative” when the test comes back “negative,” but the person still has yeast overgrowth.  Thus, your Candida symptoms may not be fully explained.

I recommend the test for people who need the benefit of measuring a yeast overgrowth for comparison over time. However, even when the test comes back negative, trying treatment for yeast symptoms still may be beneficial.

A doctor must prescribe the test.  Dr. Semon is happy to assist you, if you would like to become his patient.  He will discuss the pro’s and con’s of testing with you.

If you decide to have the test, you can get the test kit  from the Great Plains Laboratory. For more information, contact the Great Plains Laboratory,

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